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    1. Technical Service Provider For Cost Reduction And Efficiency In The Cement Industry

      Cement Grinding Aid

      1. Save Clinker -5%

      2. Improve Output +5%

      3. High Temperature Resistant: 300℃

      4. No Heavy Metal Ion

      5. Save Cement Produce Cost Per Ton: - $1.5

      Leader In New Environmentally Friendly, Low Carbon Additives Industry
      Research & Development Innovation
      Based on the professional scientific research power of Tsinghua University, Wuhan University of Technology and Ningxia University.
      Intelligent Management, High Quality
      The factory adopts intelligent production, stable product quality and strict production control.
      Cooperation And Win-Win
      According to the market and customer needs, products are constantly updated to ensure a win-win situation for both the company and the customers.
      About Us
      Main Products
      Patents & Certificates
      Contact Us
      Address:7F, Building C, Jiangsu Software Park, Dongji Avenue, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China
      Tel:025-52070610    Email:wangyanyan@cemenaid.com
      版權所有:南京永能新材料有限公司    蘇ICP備20011275號-1
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